Time Really Flies

Welcome to the world of  MediMark!

Time really flies, it seems as if were just a few days ago that we   launched our social media strategy and the introduction of our monthly   newsletter.

We have had a lukewarm response to our ECG special (we will blame the   recession for that!) and we have extended the special to November month.   I am confident that ECG sales will pick up during the month of November –   traditionally this is the month where last minute purchases are made by   doctors.

We are entering an exciting phase at Medimark- we have decided the best   antidote for the recession – is to expand the customer base and to enter new   markets.
To this end, I want to introduce Mahesh Naik to you. He has been appointed   as the Bulawayo representative and tasked to establish the Medimark Bulawayo   office. Mahesh is both a respected salesman and a qualified electronics   engineer.

We now can offer both sales, installations, training and back up service in   Bulawayo. Our abilities to offer on the ground back up support from either   our Harare office or the Bulawayo office completes our strategy for Southern   Africa.

We also take this opportunity to announce that Medimark has the “Prevent   Vaginal Cones” available for females who suffer from incontinence.    Incontinence is the medical term for involuntary loss of urine, which may   vary from minimal to increased amounts.
Incontinence is a symptom and not an illness and can be controlled and   prevented with the correct management and treatment.

Prevent is for assisting bladder training due to incontinence Women who do   not want to undergo surgery for stress incontinence.

‘Prevent ‘is for Women with stress incontinence despite having had surgery,   Women with temporary or transient symptoms of stress incontinence.   Medimark has been appointed sole distributor for this product. Please visit   our website http://www.medimark.co.za to place your order today while stocks last.

There are over 11 million people in the UK alone suffering with an   incontinence problem!!

We are also encouraging all our clients for convenience as well as to get to know you better and to stay in touch with you, to join our Business pages on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com (search for MediMark)  as well as Twitter find us under http://www.twitter.com/MediMark_SA.  Follow all our latest and updated news and let us know how you are and how we can better serve you.

As we are entering the spring season we wish to enter into new beginnings which will be fruitful to all our partners- you the customer, our staff and our suppliers.

Warmest Regards

Director: Shakeel Sayed


About MediMark

Medimark Marketing is a 100% Black Economic Empowered Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are importers of quality, affordable medical supplies backed by after sales support and guarantees of product excellence. Our range of products covers the entire spectrum of medical requirements with a focus on hospital emergency supplies. Our range of products includes medical supplies, medical equipment, medical consumables, diagnostic equipment, mobile clinics, ambulances, wheelchairs, patient hoists, hospital beds, digital blood pressure machines, ventilators, X/Rays, portable X-Rays, anaesthetic machines, MRI, CT scanners, haematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, processors, Telfa-Clinglo non adherent wound dressings, Hi-Care stethoscopes, Hi-Care Blood Pressure meters, Hi-Care products, plus much more.
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