Its Christmas Season!


Is it not strange that time flies when it comes near to the Christmas Season?
Staff parties/lunches all the preparations make one yearn for the end of year break. The staff at Medimark will be having their annual lunch at a yet decided venue.

Wherever it is I know all of us are looking forward for some fun and games. It is also the time of the year we have to nominate a charity to do our social responsibility duties for the year.
We will try to restrict our search to the Maitland area as a key value of the company is to invest in the immediate community that hosts the company.
I know that the homeless vagrants’ issue has been identified by the Maitland City Improvement District as a top priority.  I will approach the committee with a view to offer any goods or services that they may require. We have had a lukewarm response to our Prevent incontinence campaign- partly due to the depressed economic climate but more that our sales team has to narrow their focus to the gynecologists.

Some old age homes have started showing some interest in our adult diapers. Our adult diapers are unique in their design and cost a fraction of the existing products on the market.
As the year winds down we have to reflect on the gains made in 2010 and develop plans for the upcoming 2011 year.

We recently found an interesting article from, on male circumcision that we would like to share with you.

“Scientific trials have shown that male circumcision can reduce, by up to 60 percent, a man’s risk of becoming infected with HIV during heterosexual intercourse. As a result in 2007 UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended circumcision as an important new element of HIV prevention. Since then demand for circumcision has been increasing, and in Zimbabwe 700 men requested to be circumcised within just two weeks of the government starting the roll out of male circumcision services for HIV prevention. Male circumcision can be carried out at any stage; during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

Billboard promoting male circumcision in Swaziland

Mathematical models have predicted that one new HIV infection could be averted for every 5 to 15 men who are newly circumcised.4 It has also been suggested that six million new HIV infections and three million deaths could be prevented in twenty years if all men in sub-Saharan Africa became circumcised.”

We are currently running a special for the month of Dec:

Advanced Male Circumcision kit – price ex vat R198.00

Home Base Care Kit – price ex vat R1012.50

2nd hand ambulance and 2nd hand medical equipment available

Please either phone or e mail for a quote.

Contact Vanessa – Harare/Zambia and Namibia

(021) 510-1995

Contact Huguette – DRC, Congo, Brazziville, Mali, Cameron Cote Divoire, Senegal

(021) 510-1995

Contact Maggy – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Benin & Sudan

(o21) 510-1995

More about our plans in the January newsletter.
This will be our last newsletter for 2010 – I want to take this opportunity on behalf of my staff and I – to wish you a merry Xmas and a happy new year.

Warmest Regards
Director: Shakeel Sayed


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Time Really Flies

Welcome to the world of  MediMark!

Time really flies, it seems as if were just a few days ago that we   launched our social media strategy and the introduction of our monthly   newsletter.

We have had a lukewarm response to our ECG special (we will blame the   recession for that!) and we have extended the special to November month.   I am confident that ECG sales will pick up during the month of November –   traditionally this is the month where last minute purchases are made by   doctors.

We are entering an exciting phase at Medimark- we have decided the best   antidote for the recession – is to expand the customer base and to enter new   markets.
To this end, I want to introduce Mahesh Naik to you. He has been appointed   as the Bulawayo representative and tasked to establish the Medimark Bulawayo   office. Mahesh is both a respected salesman and a qualified electronics   engineer.

We now can offer both sales, installations, training and back up service in   Bulawayo. Our abilities to offer on the ground back up support from either   our Harare office or the Bulawayo office completes our strategy for Southern   Africa.

We also take this opportunity to announce that Medimark has the “Prevent   Vaginal Cones” available for females who suffer from incontinence.    Incontinence is the medical term for involuntary loss of urine, which may   vary from minimal to increased amounts.
Incontinence is a symptom and not an illness and can be controlled and   prevented with the correct management and treatment.

Prevent is for assisting bladder training due to incontinence Women who do   not want to undergo surgery for stress incontinence.

‘Prevent ‘is for Women with stress incontinence despite having had surgery,   Women with temporary or transient symptoms of stress incontinence.   Medimark has been appointed sole distributor for this product. Please visit   our website to place your order today while stocks last.

There are over 11 million people in the UK alone suffering with an   incontinence problem!!

We are also encouraging all our clients for convenience as well as to get to know you better and to stay in touch with you, to join our Business pages on Facebook, (search for MediMark)  as well as Twitter find us under  Follow all our latest and updated news and let us know how you are and how we can better serve you.

As we are entering the spring season we wish to enter into new beginnings which will be fruitful to all our partners- you the customer, our staff and our suppliers.

Warmest Regards

Director: Shakeel Sayed

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Hello and a warm welcome to the world of MediMark!!

This is our first foray into the world of social media and what an exciting journey it has been.

We had to revamp our website to international standards (ironically MediMark’s vision encompasses having an African presence) and choose logo’s, colors, captions and all things creative. The staff had a great time and great fun putting things together, so a big thank you for your input.

Many of our internet marketing goals would not have been possible without the assistance of the Mini Martini Media team, Darin and Lizl as well as Ashraf of Maximize IT.

We have worked hard since our inception eight years ago to be an organization of credibility and we are now reaping the fruits of our efforts.

The month of September was ground breaking for medimark- we hired three additional sales persons, occupied more office space and received a golden referral.

BMW Germany – head office- referred its Bahraini principal dealer to medimark to conceptualize a military field hospital. After forty hours of preparation, the quote was submitted – now the anxious wait for the result.

A lot of the kudos must also be showered upon Francheste, a key person in our company and the Zimbabwean office personnel who gave excellent back-up technical service to our customers in Harare, especially to St Anne’s hospital.  St Anne’s hospital in Harare is on record stating that Medimark was the only company to provide them with on ground back up service for theatre equipment supplied and that none of the equipment supplied ever broke down!!

We at Medimark believe that there is to be no compromise on patient safety. No cheap and nasty products!!

One of our goals is to shortly translate our website into French.

This is important as many parts of Africa are French speaking. We have also appointed Hugette to spearhead the drive into French speaking Africa

For the month of October we are having a special on our ECG, we also have male circumcision kits and diathermy units.  The bespoke circumcision kits can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Visit our website for more details.


Director: Shakeel Sayed

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MediMark is coming soon!

We are very excited to announce our arrival on the social media scene – expect to see amazing things happening in the medical fields all around Africa in conjunction with MediMark. In the mean time please visit our website

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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